• Jardin Botanique (map)
  • 4101 Rue Sherbrooke Est
  • Montreal, QC, H1X 2B2
  • Canada

Mixed Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Jardin Botanique on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 

Participation for this Sweat Lodge Ceremony is limited to individuals who identify as Indigenous (i.e. First Nations, Inuit, Métis) and who have been affected by the legacy of the Residential School System in Canada (directly or related to a family member who attended).

Please RSVP by October 10th by emailing the Program Coordinator:

E) jessica@cedarandgold.ca

Participants who have registered for the Sweat must arrive by 8:30AM on October 23rd at Jardin Botanique at the front entrance by the greenhouse building. Provide your names to the desk clerk to be waived of entrance fees. Please RSVP to ensure your name is on the list to enter, or else you may be responsible for paying an entrance fee.


If you give your name, then you are committing to attending. This is a Purifcation Ceremony dedicated to Residential School Survivors and their families who seek healing. Priority for participation will be for Residential School Survivors, Intergenerational Survivors and the Urban Native Community of Montreal. 

8:30am - Arrive at the front entrance

9:00am - Lighting of Sacred Fire

10:00am - Sharing teachings about the Ceremony

11:00am - Sweat Lodge Ceremony begins (4 Rounds of Purification)

3:00pm - Sharing food, cleaning up and leaving Jardin Botanique

*Please be drug and alcohol free for 4 days prior to the Ceremony. If you are a woman on your moon time (menstruating), you are already purifying and should not attend the Ceremony. Pregnant women should not attend Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

What to Bring:

  • Tobacco to give to the Sweat Lodge Keepers

  • Shorts for men 

  • Long skirt/dress for women with a t-shirt that covers your shoulders.

  • A change of clothing. We will be outside all day, so dress according to the weather.

  • 1-2 towels and a plastic bag for wet clothes

  • Something to drink -water and/or juice

  • A snack / dish to share with participants after the Sweat

  • Monetary donation to the Firekeeper and Helper for their time and assistance for the Ceremony.

How to get there:


Metro: Pie-IX Metro (East exit).

Bus: Number 24 bus on Sherbrooke St.

By car: There is on-site parking for the day - $12.00

Can't make it? Join us for other Ceremonies at the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal this Fall/Winter season.