“Remember that a newborn is more intelligent than we are. Think of that when you talk to him - he’s smarter and certainly wiser, he just doesn’t speak your language yet” - Gurmukh

10 Lessons

  1. A smile changes everything. Wake up happy.
  2. Naps are amazing. we need to rest and restore to be at our best.
  3. PLAY! 
  4. Move your body… all the time!
  5. Keep it simple - no need for exuberant toys, we can enjoy the simplest things in our environment. 
  6. Life is messy - get dirty, righteously!
  7. POOP!
  8. Baths are amazing. Get in the tub.
  9. Go on, cry - they say salt water cures everything and letting out a good cry is very relieving. Sometimes let loose with a full on ugly-face cry.
  10. Don’t do anything your mom wouldn’t approve of - safety first!  - after becoming a mom I’m not as invincible as I once thought I was. Avoid reckless behaviour.

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