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Self-Care: Embodying the Elements Workshop


Self-Care: Embodying the Elements Workshop

We are excited to share a new collaboration. Created and co-facilitated by Moe Clark and Jessica Barudin, Embodying the Elements is a self-care workshop that fuses play, sound, movement and imagination to connect the elements within and throughout. 


Spring is in the Air | Preparatory Phase for the Spring Equinox Cleanse


Spring is in the Air | Preparatory Phase for the Spring Equinox Cleanse

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'LET'S PARTY!' - Robin Williams

Spring is in the Air

The Spring Equinox is upon us. Throughout the world, the spring equinox is recognized as a time of great confrontation between the forces of darkness and light. It has quickly come and gone this March 20th, 2016. For those of us who have endured this cold, dark winter we are indeed ready for a change in seasons. We all deserve the liveliness of the blossoms and birds to bring some colour back into our frigid days and nights.

To mark this seasonal change, we ought to provide ourselves with the adequate preparation for what lies ahead: the second annual Spring Equinox Cleanse!

2nd Annual Spring Equinox Cleanse

We are committing to a 7 Day cleansing program to help to jumpstart our internal cleansing processes that our bodies naturally have, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual clearing. This program is designed to be practical to use by any individual, with novice or experienced cleansing practices under their belt.

The Spring Equinox Cleanse is non-dogmatic. It is not unrealistic and energy depleting like other, more limiting programs. This program is timed with the change of seasons and follows a traditional ideology of renewal and mindfulness to the quality and quantity of foods and beverages consumed; conscious of the care we give our physical bodies, the detail of cleanliness we give to our homes and our minds, and nourishment for our spiritual bodies to make release any resentment or anger. It provides a time to identify physical, chemical, and emotional toxins in your life and re-claim your connection to a natural way of living.

Although food selection and quality are one aspect of this program, it is not the primary approach - we place emphasis on the following:

  1. Self-reflection and meditation
  2. Setting intentions and goals
  3. Connecting with nature through food, movement and daily gratitude practices
  4. Connecting with our body and breath to help ease stress and tension
Purification of body, mind, and spirit

Purification of body, mind, and spirit

This cleanse is right for you to try if you can identify with any of the following:

  • Feeling heavy, lethargic, indulgent
  • Feeling stressed-out, anxious, angry or depressed
  • Wanting to correct some minor health aggravations such as skin breakouts or stomach discomfort and improve gut-health
  • Ready to make a new start with  health regimens for starting a strength or endurance program or improving your overall diet.
  • Wishing to gently address bad habits accumulated during the winter months
  • Wanting to fine-tune the physical body to restore balance

Who this program is for:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Youth 16+
  • Elders in good health

This program should wait for people who are:

  • Nursing and or pregnant women
  • Women on their moon time (menstruating)
  • Battling chronic or acute conditions
  • Undergoing current medical treatment
  • Any other concerns should be first addressed by your health care provider / physician of choice

Are you ready? Preparatory Phase

Take 1 - 3 days or more to prepare yourself to fully commit to the 7 days of active cleansing. Focus on cleaning up your food intake and eating habits to best prepare your internal organs. It is best to eliminate or drastically reduce your intake of coffee / caffeine, tobacco products, alcohol, and processed foods, refined sugars and junk food.

See the Preparatory Phase Document for full-details to help you best prepare.

Here is a Sneak peak of the cleanse from Day 1 - 7

At-A-Glance | Spring Equinox Cleanse

To register to receive your digital copy and online engagement with the 2016 Cedar and Gold Spring Equinox Cleanseregister online.

$20 for the Solo Cleanse
$30 for the Partner Cleanse