New Offerings

We are excited to share a new collaboration! Created and co-facilitated by Moe Clark and Jessica Barudin, Embodying the Elements is a self-care workshop that fuses play, sound, movement, and imagination to connect the elements within and throughout.

Moe and Jessica have offered this workshop at the Indigenous Women's Symposium at Trent University and recently at the Indigenous Student Wellness Series at Concordia University

Workshop Description

Embodying the Elements invites participants into a moving meditation to help connect with earth, water, fire and air energies within the territory of our bodies, inner and outer space. Through a combination of gentle movements, stillness, visualization, breathwork and song we encourage the embodiment of each element to awaken our spirits. Body becomes landscape, site of prayer, in this exploratory and playful workshop.


Moe Clark

Moe Clark

Moe Clark is a Métis multidisciplinary artist, facilitator and artistic producer, Moe Clark fuses together vocal improvisation with multilingual lyricism to create meaning that is rooted in personal legacy and ancestral memory. In 2016 she launched nistamîkwan, a transformational arts organization.

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Jessica Barudin

Jessica is Kwakwaka’wakw from the Namgis First Nation. She is a Sundancer, Lifegiver and Indigenous Health Advocate. Jessica is the co-founder of Cedar and Gold, offering yoga and community wellness programs to Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

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