Real food. Real community and a balanced, Indigenous approach to cleansing and nourishing your Body. Mind. Soul.

Spring Equinox Cleanse 2016

A 7-Day guided wholistic cleanse to purify your mental, emotional, spiritual and of course physical body as we transition from Winter into Spring. The ideal time for reflection and renewal to prepare for a vibrant season.

The Cleanse package includes:

  • Spring Equinox information manual titled 'The Details' describes all about the cleanse and the guided process.

  • Suggested Shopping List and optimal items needed for nutrition/meal planning, body care, spiritual and household cleansing.

  • Daily guided practices for the AM and PM.

  • Daily support + inspiration for practices and meals with our online community.

  • Journaling Guide for self-reflection and empowering lifestyle change.

What to expect:

See the overview of the Spring Equinox Cleanse program from Day 1 - 7

At-A-Glance | Spring Equinox Cleanse 2016

  • Whole foods only. No processed sh*t - just Mother Earth's finest veggies, fruit, seeds, and animals. No alcohol, no or minimal coffee, no refined sugar, no dairy, and heaven forbid gluten!

  • Intermittent fasting 12-16 hours: basically let's say you eat dinner at 7 pm and then you wait either until 7am (for 12 hour fast) or until 11 am (for a 16 hour fast) the following day.

  • Jounaling for personal development.

  • Cleaning your household, environment and mind.

  • Connecting with humans and the natural world. Shutting off your smartphones and no binge-watching TV episodes.

  • Meditating, yoga practices and breathing techniques to help us sit and relax.

  • Smudging, intention setting, Ayurvedic practices such as tongue scraping. Skin, mouth and body care using natural approaches.

2015 Cleanse Crew Testimonials

Very informative and inspiring. After doing the spring equinox cleanse I stuck to the eating plan and cut out gluten. Since then I lost 10 pounds. After the women's workshop over a year ago, I took in what Jessica presented to us regarding healthy eating and I made the decision to cut out meats, except for fish and seafood. I also introduced the super foods in my diet. From that I lost 10 pounds. Altogether I lost 20 pounds. Jessica does her research, she is motivating and inspirational. Thank you for helping me realize I need to take better care of my health, change is possible - Debbie Peterson
I took the Spring Equinox Cleanse and found that it made me feel really good with eliminating some things from my diet. The information provided was very helpful in getting me out of my comfort zone with planning meals, and the daily exercises were interesting, and almost challenging (because smudging, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. weren't a part of my daily life.) I fully enjoyed learning more about the blend of ceremonies and practices during the cleanse and hope to commit to another cleanse by Cedar and Gold soon! Great work Jess & company. - Helen Beans

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