Language. Creativity. Community.


A 3-5 day interactive and culturally-adaptable program that develops a Community Mural with youth and community participants. Guided by Vincent Dumoulin, these projects are effective in empowering youth and organizations to establish and share values through artistic expression. Every member of the group is involved in realization of the mural from start to finish:

  • Opening prayer and healing circle

  • Establish theme of mural and working groups.

  • Create sketches / concepts relating to the theme.

  • Outline finalized sketch on wall (indoors or outdoors)

  • Paint mural in groups.

  • Share stories, values and thoughts about the theme of the mural through writing, songs, dances, and documentation through video and photos.

  • Closing prayer, song and blessing of the wall and Community.

These murals are ideal for nation building / strengthening, school-aged children and youth, and honouring a person who has passed on to the spirit world.